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Survey Request: USAID Humanitarian Assistance Impact and Organizational Structure

USAID's Offices of Food for Peace (FFP) and Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) have contracted McKinsey to conduct a review of options for how these two offices can better organize themselves to be fit for purpose in today's humanitarian crises.  The consultants are tasked with reviewing 3 hypothetical scenarios that may be considered by USAID senior leadership:  1) maintaining status quo structural separation of the Offices, but with greater efforts to deepen alignment and coordination; 2) a partial merger with sharing of certain functions (e.g. technical support, grant processes, information management as well as other shared elements to ensure a single USAID humanitarian perspective); or 3) a full merger of the two offices into a single integrated entity. These scenarios do not indicate any pre-determined outcomes, but rather are intended to provide USAID senior leadership with a robust understanding of the pros, cons, and other considerations that would accompany any potential course of action.

In order to do this USAID has asked McKinsey to interview experts in the humanitarian community to seek their input. You have a lot of valuable perspective on this and USAID is eager to hear directly from you on your insights and experiences. The following questions are designed to get your thoughts on this effort and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Take the survey.