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How do we measure success with Communities of Practice?

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How do we measure success with Communities of Practice?

Posted by ysongowilliams on 20 Mar 2017

I’ll be attending a KM4DEV practitioners’ workshop in Seattle on April 6 and 7, during which attendees will share practical experiences with managing Communities of Practice (CoPs) and explore what works (or not!). We will also learn from each other about practices that support the success of CoPs. (Click here for more information on the event and to register.)

I’m particularly excited about the second day’s agenda, when we will hear from CoP experts Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner, on using their Value Creation Framework to help identify and measure value created by communities and networks.

I know a lot of us struggle with this! Sure, we have some indicators of success at the output level (number of CoP members, analytics of community platform, etc.) but getting at those deeper outcome level measures has been somewhat elusive for many of us.

Has anyone used Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner’s Value Creation Framework in their work at all? If so, please share your practical experiences on how you used it here. Or have you used other frameworks to measure social learning within CoPs?  What was your experience with these? Thanks for sharing.