Food Security and Nutrition Network

April 25 Resilience Task Force Meeting

Event Details
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:30am
Save the Children, 899 N. Capitol St. NE, Washington, DC & Online

Please join us for the next Resilience Task Force meeting, Tuesday, April 25, 10:00-11:30 am EST.

In addition to updates and announcements on current resources and resilience-related activities, we are pleased to welcome Jon Kurtz, Director of Research and Learning at Mercy Corps, who will present on the work of the Rockefeller-funded Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning (MEL) Community of Practice (CoP).

As relevant background material, Jon has made available to us a recent report prepared by members of the CoP and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) on Analysis of Resilience Measurement Frameworks and Approaches.

The Resilience Task Force meeting will be held at the Washington, DC office of Save the Children in the Maryland conference room. You can also join online via this link:

Please use this link to confirm your participation in person or online.

For our online members, we ask that you please login by 9:50 am EST to ensure you can fully engage through the Adobe Connect platform. Similarly, if you will be able to attend in person, allow and extra 10 minutes to make your way through the security desk and to the 9th floor.

Please feel free to contact Karyn Fox by Friday, April 21 if you have an announcement or issue you would like to include on the agenda.